Feature Films and Documentaries

The stories in my films are all taken from life itself. I like to tell my stories without a fixed film script and I leave the actors and actresses to improvise and let the story develop in that way.
All productions are made during leisure time and are almost completely made up of amateur actors. Through this I have regularly won prizes in competitions.

You can find more information about the documentaries here: Social Engagement


Title Genre Year
Blätter im Herbst
(Leaves in Autumn)
Feature Film 2012
Albanien - Schulen für Fan
(Albania - Schools for Fan)
Documentary 2007
Kinder der Sisalregion
(Children of the Sisal Region)
Documentary 2003
Crying Ghost Music Film 2002
Albanien - meine Schule
(Albania - my school)
Documentary 2001
Nova Scotia - Das Land der Mi'kmaq Indianer
(Nova Scotia - The Land of the Mi'kmaq Indians)
Documentary 1999
Kleiner Vogel Hoffnung
(A Modicum of Hope)
Feature Film 1998
Wie ein kalter, nackter Traum
(Like a Cold, Naked Dream)
Feature Film 1997
Fürchtet die Zeit zu versäumen
(Afraid to lose the time)
Feature Film 1996
Der Baum in Nachbars Garten
(The Neighbours Tree)
Feature Film 1996
Tochter ihrer Eltern
(Daughter of her parents)
Feature Film 1995
(Up close)
Feature Film 1994
Die Bank im Park
(The Bench in the Park)
Feature Film 1993
Wenn die Sonne nicht mehr scheint
(When the Sun Stops Shining)
Feature Film 1992
September Morn Feature Film 1991
Helden die keine sind
(Wannabe Heroes)
Feature Film 1990